Windansea, La Jolla Engagement Shoot + Tips for a Perfect Shoot

June 28, 2019

Such an exciting time in your life- just engaged and super excited about the wedding. A engagement shoot is about capturing the love and excitement before the wedding, and the real you. Its a intimate time to focus on your favorite things about each other, and why you can’t wait to spend the rest of your lives together.

This can be both exciting and nerve-racking. Here are some times to help you have a great engagement session. 

Why do an engagement shoot?

Simple- to get comfortable in front of the camera and have some fun photos. Couples are like to use their engagement photos for Save the Date cards. Besides that, an engagement shoot is a good way to hang with your wedding photographer so you can get comfortable in front of the camera. To get all the jitters out, since the engagement shoot with mostly be just the three of you, as opposed to the wedding, where all eyes are on you!

These photos should also capture this exiting time in your life. If you have some favorite activities you like, include them, whether its surfing, biking or picnicking. This is also a fun way to break the ice. Think of it as a date and your photographer is tagging along to capture it. Make a day out of it! Schedule a dinner or go our for lunch before hand to add more excitement! 

Pick a location that reflects you!

Think of a spot that is important to you as a couple, maybe a favorite beach you like to go to or park. If you’re into sunset, maybe a sunset session at Windansea Beach. Theres many picturesque spots in San Diego that are ideal for a engagement shoot. Some favorite ones are Scripps Pier– the views are endless and there are several options from pier, beach and rocky cliffs. Balboa Park– for those into the city scene and who like architecture. Coronado Beach– iconic red roofed hotel, and scenic beaches. 

What to wear? 

The exciting part! I usually recommend two outfits- a dressy option and a casual one. Sticking to solid pastel and earthy tones is best. Neon colors and wild prints don’t photograph well and can be distracting. Coordinating also help, for example if bride-to-be is wearing a floral dress, groom to be would look best in a solid shirt and pants. For dressy options for ladies, skirts and dresses are perfect. Flowy fabrics photograph well because they have movement. Think, maxi dress or skirt. Details such as lace and fringe are also fun to work with. For gentlemen dressy options, think slacks and a casual button down, maybe with the button open.

For casual outfits, denim is always a good choice. This options should be something that you would normally wear. Maybe your favorite jeans and a fun top. No logos please! Most of all whatever you choose, should somewhat reflect you and be comfortable. For ideas, check out my Pinterest board!

Best time to shoot? 

Light is key! The perfect time to shoot is sunset time, an hour before sunset to be exact. The sun is setting, and isn’t too bright, so you won’t be squinting and there won’t be any harsh shadows. Sunrise is also a good option. 


Yes, the awkward part. Your photographer will give you some cues to work with. Think of it as a fun time where all of you are hanging out, rather than ‘OMG we’re getting our photo taken!’ Focus on the two of you and move around. When in doubt- Kiss, this will make you feel more comfortable. Hug each other, and kiss whenever you feel like it, the right photographer will capture these moments to reflect you two! A drink before hand can also help with the jitters.

Most of all, have fun! This is a exciting time if your life 🙂

To view more of my engagement photos, click here. Are you interesting in having me capture a special time in your lives? Let’ chat here!