I started the year of with a wedding in Kauai, Hawaii- one of my favorite spots. A few more locations throughout the year- Bahamas, Czech Republic, Vermont and finally relocating to California. I am now bi-coastal, focusing on weddings in California AND New York. Looking forward to 2016 and the wonderful photo moments it will bring. Cheers to you!

Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0001Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0002Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0003Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0004Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0005View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/tarabrianMartina Micko 2015 Favorites_0007Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0008View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/chevitaleonView More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/chevitaleonMartina Micko 2015 Favorites_0011View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/kailtyngbView More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/chevitaleonMartina Micko 2015 Favorites_0014View More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/tarabrianView More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/chevitaleonView More: http://martinamicko.pass.us/tarabrianMartina Micko 2015 Favorites_0018Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0019Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0020Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0021Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0022Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0023Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0024Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0025Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0026Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0027Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0028Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0029Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0030Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0031Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0032Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0033Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0034Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0035Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0036Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0037Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0038Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0039Martina Micko 2015 Favorites_0040

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