Pueblo Bonito, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Wedding | Brooke + Owen

June 1, 2019

First time on the coast of Cabo, and we had a blast! Brooke and Owen’s wedding took place at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset resort, it was stunning! The resort was set overlooking the water, and everywhere you were there were perfect views. Day before the wedding the couple took their friends and family on catamaran to sail the waters. We saw the iconic Cabo Arch and Lovers beach and snorkeled. We also got lucky and saw a whale close by.

On the wedding day, Brooke started with getting ready with her close friends and daughters, where some intimate moments were captured. The ceremony was followed by wedding portraits that we took on the rock cliffs by the beach, which were pretty unique. Cocktail hour was overlooking the resort and the sunset was perfect that day. Once the guests had a few margaritas they started to dance the night away!

From the Bride…

Tell about your wedding location- how/why did you decide to have a destination wedding?  

Our three factors for why we chose a destination wedding…1) limit the number of attendees 2) Our family all needed to travel anyway to our wedding, whether it be in OC or Cabo.  The destination wedding kept our planning responsibilities simple. Everyone stayed at the same place where we held the wedding, nixing the stress of getting people around but they could do their own thing and explore, which leads us to reason 3.  We wanted everyone to have a vacation!! Us included. One day to celebrate and leading up to and after the wedding, it’s just business as usual. This trip gave everyone a vacation to look forward to.

What did you love about your venue and what made you choose it?

We loved Pueblo Bonito Sunset from the very first moment we visited a year before our wedding.  The ornate lobby with stunning ocean views drew us in immediately. It had international booze, great food and eating options.  The resort has golf carts for getting around, which was important to our older guests needing assistance. All the rooms had an ocean view.  We wanted to make sure our guests had an exceptional experience while in Cabo for our wedding. We felt Pueblo Bonito Sunset gave them all a cherished vacation.

What memory from your wedding do you remember the most strongly?

There were so many…I can honestly say we had many special moments over our weekend in Cabo.  But my absolute favorite is when my 8 year old daughter, who’s normally shy towards talking in front of a group, asked if she could make a speech at the reception.  There was not a dry eye and the authentic love she shared with us, our family and friends will stay with me always.  

What was your most memorable part of your wedding day?

Funniest moment on your wedding day? Oh man…when my husband was asking me a question the same time the Officiant was saying something to me to repeat in the vows, and as the Officiant put the microphone to my mouth to repeat I answered my husband’s question with an “I don’t know”.  We all had a great laugh and I said..”no not to this” and then I repeated what the Officiant said.

What advice would you give to future couples who are planning a destination wedding?  

DO IT!!!  I seriously don’t know why one would choose any other way!  Less stressful and a vacation!

Must do while visiting Cabo?

Relax and drink…lol!  We really enjoyed the private catamaran tour where a good amount of our family and friends joined.

Planning a destination wedding in Mexico? Check out my Mexico Guide for favorite venues. If you’re searching for a photographer, let’s chat details! We love anything Mexico!