Oaxaca, Mexico Bridal Elopement

March 24, 2020

Oaxaca, Mexico… a place I’ve been wanting to visit. Known for its colorful streets and more local cultural vibe. 

I was lucky to photograph Syndhia + Matt while here, they are expats traveling the world and living in Oaxaca, you can check out their travel blog here. We explored the ruins of Monte Alban, and then went back to town and explored the colorful streets. Afterwards we got tostadas + mezcal cocktails at Expendio Tradicion!

For those that have never visited Oaxaca- it’s a cultural town south of Mexico City. It’s warm, and very colourful. Definitely worth the trip, here are some things we did + recommendations. 

Hierve El Agua

Natural rock formations that look like cascades of water. You can hike around it, and there is a mineral pool that you can swim in. 

Santo Domingo Church

Located in the center of town, it is one of the main icons of the town. During the weekend, there are oftentimes a wedding parade. The couples faces are made into big colorful sculptures and paraded around town, with the wedding guests + dancers. Amazing to see. There are also local craft tents, especially on the weekends. 


This place is so good, make sure to eat at Boulenc! Perfect for brunch, breakfast or lunch. It’s a local eatery, with eye pleasing, tropical aesthetic on the inside, and delicious too! The food is fresh & healthy, with plenty of options. Next door is a bakery, where you can buy pastries, coffee and local jam jars to go.

Casa Oaxaca

Ate here as a celebratory dinner, and it was perfect! Casa Oaxaca is located on a rooftop overlooking the Santo Domingo Church, sunset seating is ideal. The food is fresh, drinks perfect and the atmosphere amazing. Favorite dinner from the trip!

Hope you enjoy these Oaxaca recommendations! View more of my travel stories here.