Coronado Island, Intimate San Diego Elopement

January 29, 2019

These two tied the knot, a perfect Coronado Island elopement! I photographed their engagement session, along with baby girl about a year ago; at the time they weren’t sure about their wedding plans. They decided to do an intimate county clerk ceremony, followed by sunset at Coronado Beach, and the famous red roofed Hotel Del. Simple, romantic and perfectly them. Now they have baby number two on the way- happy to capture their life moments through the years.

A bit of history about Coronado Island- it was named for the Coronado Islands off the coast of San Diego. First sighted in 1602 by a Spanish navigator Vizcaino; he named them “Los Coronados” or “the crowned ones.” The famous Hotel Del was opened in 1888, and is designated National Historical Landmark. At the time, the nightly price per room was $2.50, including meal! In the beginning, the hotel was only accessible by train, and its main visitors were the wealthy.

Hotel Del first became popular among sophisticated easters travelers, who had grown bored with the resorts on the east side of the country, and wanted something exotic, and similar to European destinations. The hotel was one of many 19th century popular resorts. Today it is still a world-class hotel, an icon to San Diego; offering the ideal beach vacation along with wonderful dining.

In 1911, the island opened as an aviation camp, which today is the Naval Air Station North Island. The famous Coronado Bay Bridge, was build in 1969. Coronado has more than 85 historical sites designated to the city. Throughout the years, the Hotel Del has hosted celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Oprah, Katherine Hepburn and more. You can find more history about Coronado here.

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i love it!! all the shots are awesome! 🙂